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About Jazzmine



Jazzmine Navarro’s nickname is Nana. She got that nickname by her parents Carla Vazquez and Ismael Navarro .  Her parents called her that because when she was three she looked like a two year old girl . Her other nickname is  Titi, and her big sister is called Tati because she couldn’t say Jacky .

Her parents called her Little one because she looked exactly like a doll. She was born February 9 2005 in the U.S (Chicago). She is 11 years old and she actually acts like a rebel in a nice way.

Jazzmine wants to be a soldier because there are a lot of explosions and a lot of guns, but she also wants to be an olympic winner because she is important to her family and she wants to  be the first one to be the one who wins a lot of money and have a good a career for the first time in forever in the whole family.

“No matter what happens in life just keep on going, and you will never stop going to your dreams. If you can’t catch them, then make a new one. If you can’t make a new one, keep on catching the dream that flew away,” she said.

Jazzmine has black hair, brown eyes and she wears a lot of weird clothes. Her best friends are Alexis Garcia, Marcvick Olvera, and Mauricio Hernandez. Nana’s favorite movies are the Hunger Games because they are pretty interesting and have a lot of explosions.




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More Than Just A Dream

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More than just a dream is about a 11 year old girl (ME) that something that looks so real is actually real, not fake.

So Last Sunday I dreamed that I was going to my best friend’s  house, Sebastian , then I saw 3 brick houses with 2 brick houses. After that we went to the park,  because it was Sebastian’s little brother’s birthday. After that I got wet in a water park ( is the same park I went to). After that me and my other friends left to dunkin’ donuts. Then we went to our house and I went to the computer I was typing and seeing some videos. Now in Real Life everything happened. LOL


Yesterday I dreamed that my crush grabbed my hand then I hugged him. That also Happened today.